Tips on Using Home Organization Labels

Have you ever considered using home organization labels to help you get better organized? Home organization labels are perfect for labelling important items for yourself and the kids. Not only will labels help you get more organized but they’ll help you find things quicker which will relieve stress and frustration and enhance productivity. In this article, I will give you 5 tips on using home organization labels. Let’s begin.

1. Set It And Forget it

Make sure they’ll stay. A label’s no good if, six months later, the ink fades into nothingness, or the adhesive loses its effectiveness. You want to stick it on and be done with it.

2. “C” Student

When you’re labelling, remember the three C’s: Clear, Complete, and Concise. You want the label to tell you what’s in the box as quickly as possible, and the cute abbreviation system you came up with when you were labelling everything might not be as intuitive or as easy to remember as you thought. Likewise, the chance that you’ll remember the “extra stuff” in a given box that didn’t make it on the label is pretty much zero. But don’t get carried away-you don’t have to write a novel. You only have so much space and time to work with.

3. Keep It Simple

Don’t get cute. Use easy-to-read colour schemes and fonts or handwriting. Keep them uniform as much as possible. Switching back and forth between styles can be distracting, and prevents you from finding things as quickly.

4. Be Discreet

If you don’t like the look of labels right on the front of boxes and containers, put them somewhere discreet. The bottom of the box, right near the front, is a good place for this. If you can’t lift them easily, then somewhere on the inside of the lid will do.

5. Colour Your World

If possible, categorize what you have to label by types and colour code them. Don’t get carried away (see tip number three), but your brain processes a colour much more quickly than a whole word. You can use the colours to narrow down your search, and then the actual words to do the fine-combing.

6. Gadgets!

Consider investing in an actual label-maker. For as little as twenty dollars, you can have a portable little gizmo that can create and print labels on the fly. That way, your labels will always be neat, clear, and uniform. Plus, they’re just so fun that you’ll want to label everything!

7. Timeline

If you’re storing things with a chronology to them-tax returns, or family pictures make sure to include the appropriate dates on their labels. While wading through those pictures of your son’s piano recital from ten years ago might bring back fond memories, that won’t help you find his graduation pictures to send out to Aunt Edna and Uncle Albert before the post office closes.

In conclusion, by following the above-mentioned tips, you will definitely use home organization labels to your advantage. Now get out there and get labelling. Good luck!