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Eckhart Tolle on Drama vs. the Now

Come face to face with Eckhart Tolle. From guidance about stress and career to insights into the nature of the ego and the delusion of time, here is a far-reaching session that documents the vision of this modern spiritual teacher, and the truth he brings.

Excerpted from The Flowering of Human Consciousness
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Eckhart Tolle on Drama vs. the Now

Your Pain Body is very Seductive, www.soundstrue.com

ECKHART TOLLE’S teaching about the pain body is extremely interesting. I would like to find a piece in which he explains it from the basics. It’s best to pick up a copy of “The Power of Now” to get a better understanding of it.

My imperfect explination is that by trying to avoid uncomfortable feelings and experiences in the present, the residue of this uncomfortable and incomplete moment is stored in a “mental-emotional-bodypattern” complex of memory. This residue he calls the pain body, and it can be triggered back into reaction by any similar experience.

It is then so easy to become identified with this body of pain (pain body) as a tragic heroic figure, and any re-exposure to a similar pain will reinforce the tragic-heroic identity that you are unconsciously nursing.

Of course all of this unconscious behavior is totally counter productive because it drives you further into the same equation. WOW!

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The Flowering of Consciousness, March 5th 2001, filmed at La Jolla CA

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