Turning your Talent into Cash with Craft

You’re working too hard: you need to relax. Try taking up a hobby. These words hold a time honored place in medical as well as social life. Americans have heeded the advice of their doctors, as well as followed their own inclinations, and have become a nation of hobbyists and craft persons.

Statistics indicate that a greater percentage of up to 78 million are engaged in some sort of arts and crafts. These include a large variety of vocations – painting, jewelry making, weaving, gardening model building, photography and ceramics just to name a few. Take a look at the five simple ways to turn your craft into cash.

· Antiperspirants 

Antiperspirants are sold in pressure packs and roll-ons. Most antiperspirants cause allergic reactions and irritations to the eyes, nose and skin. Great if you’re not allergic.

If you’re here is a simple way to avoid the allergy and turn the craft into a hobby that pays. Try making your own; it can be as simple as mixing a few drops of lavender with a quarter teaspoon of water. Nothing could be this simple. You save on buying overpriced antiperspirants and you have no fear of allergy turning your skin into pale shadow or real skin pigment. You can then expand your market base by selling natural antiperspirants at pocket friendly prices to friends and sundry.

· Antiseptic

A few drops of lavender or tea tree oil in a cup of water is a good natural, all-purpose antiseptic. This natural herbal antiseptic is ideal for those grazes and scratches the kids are always getting. Blend equal parts of eucalyptus oil and aloe vera juice. You can get these at the local food store easily and cheaply and you’ve a ready market waiting in homes with kids.

· Antiques

Antiques are a valuable investment if you take good care of them. You can start an online business selling unique antiques worldwide and make piles of money from lovers of these items.

· Bathroom Cleaners

Tiles, bath, shower recess and toilet can be cleaned with bicarbonate of soda. A solution of vinegar and water will clean mirrors and glass as well as disinfect the toilet. You could start a local community bathroom cleaning with no capital and build it to a world class empire business.

· Recycling

Australia leads the world in the recycling of cans.

Two decades ago almost 63% of cans sold were retuned for recycling ns out of that 26.2 million dollars was paid in return. Aluminum cans are totally recyclable.

Anything that is manufactured can be recycled and that is where craftsmanship comes in handy. Make the move today and make money out of your hobby.

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