Tips on How To Get Into Art Gallery Oil Painting

Artists aspire to get their work into an art gallery or exhibit. This is a great way to showcase your work or to get art enthusiasts to purchase them for collection purposes. However, it is not that easy to make it into an art gallery oil painting exhibit in your area. There are certain criteria that you’d have to meet. In addition, you should also take your own measures to ensure that you can improve your chances.

The first step you should take is look up the website of the specific gallery you are trying to get exhibited for. The official website is the ideal place to go to so you can gather information on how you can get included. There are submission policies provided by the organizers of the gallery or exhibit. Make sure to take note of them and try to comply with those policies. Some galleries only have a limited slot available for artists that they allow to join, so make sure that you are able to showcase your work in such a way that they will be interested in including your works.

One technique that you must avoid if you want to get into an art gallery oil painting is to never do cold-calling! This is a waste of your time, as well as the organizers of the gallery. If you are confident about the quality of your work, you need to showcase that and don’t try to make such a desperate move.


A sure way to get galleries to include your work in their exhibit is to stand out. Of course, this one is easier said than done. But the sad reality with the way galleries work nowadays is that they are the ones who look for artists with compelling works of art, rather than the other way around. A good technique that you can use is to get active in the art scene within your local area. Establish connections with other artists for you to learn new techniques from them that will improve your craft and make it easier for your works to get noticed. Also, you might be able to establish connections with exhibitors and you might be able to capture their interest at your work.

It also pays to be sensible. You need to understand what type of artworks and artists are exhibited in an art gallery oil painting. If a gallery exhibits work that is the same technique or style as yours, the possibility of your work being chosen for inclusion in the exhibit gradually improves. Thus, when you are rejected in a gallery, it does not mean that your work is not up to par – it could be that it does not suit the theme of the gallery or exhibit being conducted.

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