How To Sell Your Crafts On Etsy

Are you thinking about making an extra income and have Etsy in mind? Since its inception, Etsy has been changing lives by offering a marketplace where people can trade their crafts and in this article, we shall discuss exactly how to sell crafts on Etsy and make the most of it.

Step – 1: Product Creation

Ideally, you will have to start by creating the product you wish to sell. There are many options when it comes to this but considering the thousands of shops already in existence on Etsy, you should ensure the product you create is unique as opposed to a common one.

You also need to know the various tastes of your intended audience so you may tailor the product to their needs. Passion is also key when it comes to product creation. If you have a passion for a particular craft, chances are it will be easier for you to create and promote as opposed to something you are designing for the first time.

Last but not least, create a few items and package them in a presentable manner. It is quite motivating to see the few items you have created generating demand and this will make you increase the production level as you will be able to gauge the level of demand based on the turnover of the items already created. Packaging is key if you want your product to be presentable and seem as though it has been professionally designed.


Step-2: Set Up Your Own Shop

The process of setting up your own shop starts with setting up an account. When setting up an account, it is important to come up with a username that is not brand-specific as you may from time to time switch between different brands and your customers may not be able to relate with your brands anymore. Also, choose a username that’s easy to spell for ease of reference.

Once you are signed up, your account is automatically set to buyer so you need to convert it to a seller account. The next step is to adjust your storefront, or rather the front page of your shop from which you can add a banner, text or even personal info about the shop.

Once this is done, you need to price your products based on the production cost and associated expenses. It is also important that before displaying the products, they should be appealing enough so invest in photography and capture the best images of your crafts and display them on your shop. As you begin attracting clients to your shop, make your policies known, such as policy on shipping and returns etc.

Step-3: Maintaning The Shop

Last but not least, an Etsy shop needs to be maintained just like any other shop. There are strategies here to follow. First of all, keep track of every sale by filing the sales receipts so it is easy to track your expenses as well.

Most importantly, you will need toe explore all the avenues for promoting your shop, such as joining an Etsy team, advertising it offline or on your social media accounts, as well as giving offers and discounts.

In the end, selling your crafts on Etsy is as easy as child’s play, only if you follow the above simple yet practical methods. Go sell your items on Etsy and watch as you inch closer to your financial freedom.

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